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Web Security, Your Site and Your Network

Web sites are unfortunately prone to security risks. And so are any networks to which web servers are connected. Setting aside risks created by employee use or misuse of network resources, your web server and the site it hosts present your most serious sources of security risk. Web servers by design open a window between your network and the world. The care taken with server maintenance, web application updates and your web site coding will define the size of that window, limit the kind of information that can pass through it and thus establish the degree of web security you will have.

Is Your Site or Network at Risk?

"Web security" is relative and has two components, one internal and one public. Your relative security is high if you have few network resources of financial value, your company and site aren't controversial in any way, your network is set up with tight permissions, your web server is patched up to date with all settings done correctly, your applications on the web server are all patched and updated, and your web site code is done to high standards. Your web security is relatively lower if your company has financial assets like credit card or identity information, if your web site content is controversial, your servers, applications and site code are complex or old and are maintained by an underfunded or outsourced IT department. All IT departments are budget challenged and tight staffing often creates deferred maintenance issues that play into the hands of any who want to challenge your web security.

A Worry-Free Website Security Platform

Your website stays clean of hacks and protected year-round, hassle free


Protect Your Investment :   "If your investments are going to be hacked, it will likely be on the web, not because of statements you left unshredded in your recycling bin, We professionals tasked with safeguarding an organization's online assets face a shifting threat landscape. Your website content and traffic is important to you. We make sure it stays safe from harm."


Trusted Service Provider :   "In the context of the Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, we conducted our services to present an overview uptake of Trust Services defined in the Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Regulation and analyse the new opportunities. We are recommended for our reliable support and cutting-edge website security research."


Customer Data Protection :   "Your business data represents your intellectual capital, competitive differentiator and the lifeblood of your organization. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited offers data security and protection that empower security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment, keep your visitors safe and protected."


Professional Support :   "Mikthan Security Technologies Limited experts help you address problems encountered with the development, deployment and management of Mikthan Security Technologies Limited software in business and house environments. Our experienced team is always available 24/7/365 via telephone, email and our secure ticketing system."

Web Server Security

The world's most secure web server is the one that is turned off. Simple, bare-bones web servers that have few open ports and few services on those ports are the next best thing. This just isn't an option for most companies. Powerful and flexible applications are required to run complex sites and these are naturally more subject to web security issues. Any system with multiple open ports, multiple services and multiple scripting languages is vulnerable simply because it has so many points of entry to watch. If your system has been correctly configured and your IT staff has been very punctual about applying security patches and updates your risks are mitigated. Then there is the matter of the applications you are running. These too require frequent updates. And last there is the web site code itself.

Known Web Security Vulnerabilities and Unknown Vulnerabilities

As you know there are a lot of people out there who call themselves hackers. You can also easily guess that they are not all equally skilled. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of them are simply copycats. They read about a KNOWN technique that was devised by someone else and they use it to break into a site that is interesting to them, often just to see if they can do it. Naturally once they have done that they will take advantage of the site weakness to do malicious harm, plant something or steal something.
A very small number of hackers are actually capable of discovering a new way to overcome web security obstacles. Given the work being done by tens of thousands of programmers worldwide to improve security, it is not easy to discover a brand new method of attack. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of man-hours might be put into developing a new exploit. This is sometimes done by individuals, but just as often is done by teams supported by organized crime. In either case they want to maximize their return on this investment in time and energy and so they will very quietly focus on relatively few, very valuable corporate or governmental assets. Until their new technique is actually discovered, it is considered UNKNOWN.
Countering and attempting to eliminate any return on this hacking investment you have hundreds if not thousands of web security entities. These public and private groups watch for and share information about newly discovered exploits so that an alarm can be raised and defense against unknown exploits can be put in place quickly. The broad announcement of a new exploit makes it a KNOWN exploit.
The outcome of this contest of wills, so to speak, is that exploits become known and widely documented very soon after they are first used and discovered. So at any one time there are thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of known vulnerabilities and only a very, very few unknown. And those few unknown exploits are very tightly focused onto just a very few highly valuable targets so as to reap the greatest return before discovery. Because once known the best defended sites immediately take action to correct their flaws and erect better defenses.

Web Site Code and Web Security

You site undoubtedly provides some means of communication with its visitors. In every place that interaction is possible you have a potential web security vulnerability. Web sites often invite visitors to:

  • Load a new page containing dynamic content.
  • Search for a product or location.
  • Fill out a contact form.
  • Search the site content.
  • Use a shopping cart.
  • Create an account.
  • Logon to an account.

In each case noted above your web site visitor is effectively sending a command to or through your web server - very likely to a database. In each opportunity to communicate, such as a form field, search field or blog, correctly written code will allow only a very narrow range of commands or information types to pass - in or out. This is ideal for web security. However, these limits are not automatic. It takes well trained programmers a good deal of time to write code that allows all expected data to pass and disallows all unexpected or potentially harmful data.

Scanning & Analysis

We dip into your Servers, Websites, Networks and other Digital Assets to reckon the vulnerabilities versus the threats present in the Cyber Eco System beyond the globe. Our experience tells us that on most occasions, the digital assets of a company have been inaudibly contravene i.e. in fleeting it has been hacked; precious data stolen / compromised / copied / corrupted and the organization has no coupling.
Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Scanning is not bassinet to the application of stereotypical, off the reef scanning yield. Besides the avail of an array of industrially recognized scanning tools, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Protection enmesh beneath analysis of the digital DNA of your web, study of the source codes and contextualizing it adjacent the contemporary and advanced malwares and exploits. The evidence that Mikthan Security Technologies Limited is one of the largest repository of private exploits, convey us the cutting edge advantage to protect your web space.

Identification of Vulnerability

No organisation in today's world can remain cocooned in false comfort that its cyber sources are safe. Leading companies like Yahoo, CITI Group, IBM, HP etc have been compromised. Over 90% of our scans throw up vulnerabilities which with some corrective diligence can secure your businesses. We pin point the vulnerabilities - both on the server side and on the code side. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited the most contemporary and updated library of private exploits and the remedial patches. This gives us the cutting edge to identify not only the present vulnerabilities but also predict and patch the advanced threats to your Digital DNA by initiating our Preventive Protocol.

Actionable Reporting

The identification and analysis of vulnerabilities is quickly translated into a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Report. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited VAPT Reports, as our name, are Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, pragmatic and provide definitive prescriptions to the client team. The VAPT Reports clearly answer

  • What are the loopholes in your existing binary codes and web servers?
  • What are the possible routes a hacker can break into your web space?
  • Weather your web space has already been breached and compromized?

We Approach

With the answers provided by VAPT in hand, we can now proceed to patching these vulnerabilities and fortifying your digital assets against future incursions. The options before us are

  • Our IT Team patches the reported vulnerabilities on its own and if required, we validate it.
  • Mikthan Security Technologies Limited provides training and partnering services to your IT Team for the present patching needs and for future capacity building.
  • The Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Security Experts re-write the error prone segments of your web space and suppliment the security features there by providing additional immunity to your digital resources.

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