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Web Application

The smart security engine unique to Web Application prevents attacks both known and unknown, and provides accurate detection with low false positives, besides basic web attacks




AutoCrypt is a comprehensive smart car security solution that meets the demands for increased security for connected cars. Consider all access to the car secured via encryption



Smart Energy Security

At Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, we have extensive security system references and expertise in Smart Factory security, access control for administrative access into control system



Smart Factory Security

Our Smart Factory Security provides software and hardware-type encryption modules to address security of IoT devices in smart factories. we have security system references and expertise in Smart Factory security




Cloudbric is an elite website security service, specifically for SMEs who lack extensive IT security knowledge.In addition, you can implement Mikthan Security Technologies Limited powerful and various Cloudbric features in a fast, easy way and policy



Cloudbric Business Edition

Cloudbric BE (Business Edition), is a fully managed WAF and DDoS protection suite for enterprise level clients on information security experience for established growing web hosting providers and those who are interested in cloud platforms .



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