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Network Detection and Performance

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited helps organizations identify threats, detect suspicious behaviors in the network, and investigate behaviors with a case of evidence to determine certainty of a breach within your network. We managed service that uses data analytics and full packet capture technology to deliver 24x7 threat monitoring, alert investigation and event and file analysis. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited can also co-manage your packet capture technology and respond to critical events.


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Network Detection Theory

Network detection is an important capability in many areas of cyber security in which data can be represented as a graph of entities and relationships. Network detection have been major research areas over the last ten years, driven by interest in internet search, cyber security, social networks, and criminal or terrorist activities. Our new network detection framework partitions the graph based on prior information and direct observations. The new approach, called space-time threat propagation, is proved to maximize the probability of detection and is therefore optimum in the Neyman-Pearson sense.
This optimality criterion is compared to spectral community detection approaches which divide the global graph into subsets or communities with optimal connectivity properties. We also explore a new generative stochastic model for covert networks and analyze using receiver operating characteristics the detection performance of both classes of optimal detection techniques.

Mikthan Network Insight

Threat Intelligence

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Threat Intelligence, an ‘Adversary Focused’ threat intelligence service, enumerates the Internet destinations used by individual threat actors and malware families covering APTs, nation-state Actors, Cyber Espionage, Ransomware, RATS, and more.
Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Threat Intelligence details the complex relationships between threat actors, their command and control network infrastructure, and the malware samples they use and includes detailed threat research reports on the intent of the threat actor and their historical intentions.



  • Datasheet
  • Actionable C&C Threat Intelligence
  • Provide Context to Active Incidents
  • Enumerating Threat Actor Infrastructure
  • Actively Block Malicious Command & Control
  • Identify Infections Communicating with Adversaries
  • Threat Actor/Malware Reports Including TTPs and Intent

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