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Customer Stories

I’ve owned property in several countries, both residential and commercial. As such I’ve had security contracts with several different companies. I’ve learned that there is no substitute for personal service and local monitoring. Since I’ve become a client of Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, they’ve become familiar with me and my staff. They have competently serviced and upgraded my system. They have provided understandable instructions by telephone when necessary. And all at an excellent price point. I would recommend Mikthan Security Technologies Limited without hesitation.

Dawn W. (USA)

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited stands alone in the world of alarm companies. They have provided my family and me with alarm services for over 25 years and have exceeded our expectations. The difference between Mikthan Security Technologies Limited and most companies is that they truly care about their customers, provide exceptional customer service, and always treat us with courtesy and respect.

Leilani and Lee H. (Japan)

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited staff demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. They have also been able to provide a solution for every concern we’ve identified. I know I can rely on them and the systems they put in place to offer the protection I can’t get anywhere else. They have been the one constant in our Data Center space. Many technologies have come and gone but Mikthan Security Technologies Limited is here to stay.

Cynthia G (Nigeria)

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited installed, maintained and has monitored our facilities security system since it was installed well over 20 years ago. The work that they perform on the systems and the response time that we get are amazing. Along with a system that has been solid as a rock, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited dispatch and alarm monitoring team is remarkable at giving our company 24 hour security. The professionalism of the entire team is very commendable. I recommend Mikthan Security Technologies Limited to any business or homeowner for their personal security.

Dennis M (USA)

We have been a happy customer of Mikthan Security Technologies Limited for the last 21 years. This is the only alarm company we have used while living in Southern California. They have taken care of our monitoring, fixed our system when we had problems, and made upgrades when we had replacement windows installed. They have been consistent and responsive to all our needs. We highly recommend them.

Micki and Kevin K. (USA)

I would certainly recommend Mikthan Security Technologies Limited without hesitation. During the many years that I’ve been a customer, the service has always been prompt and efficient. As a result I recommend your company without qualification.

Roger B. (Nigeria)

As a company we have been using Mikthan Security Technologies Limited for over 10 years. During that time we have built not just business relationships, also many personal relationships. Our company is family owned and many of our family members have used Mikthan Security Technologies Limited for their personal homes. That’s just how much we trust them to protect our personal, and business property. We have always been treated professionally and courteously. We would recommend Mikthan Security Technologies Limited to anyone without hesitation.

Lewis J (London-UK)

From the initial installation of the system to the present, I thought Mikthan Security Technologies Limited has done a great job at a fair price. The installation was carefully done and there have been very few problems over the last 20 years. When we did need service or upgrades such as a radio transmitter, the work was also efficient and expertly done. Communication with the home office about vacations is also very pleasant, and when we had an intrusion, the police were called immediately and the person was scared off by the internal alarm. I would highly recommend Mikthan Security Technologies Limited to anyone who wants a highly reliable alarm system.

Dave S. (Nigeria)

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