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Smart Expert Security Services

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited provides uniform and Non-Uniform, security guards for all your security needs, Armed and unarmed security officers for all events. we make your events projects run smoother and more secure. We are the perfect Security Experts for your projects. Our experts security services, provides our clients exceedingly what most security companies offers. Our experts security have extensive experience in corporate security management, as well as a military and law enforcement background. Every business experiences changes or special circumstances where they need assistance to secure that they are prepared for an unusual event, one that may increase their risks of a security incident. We work with our clients to plan and execute security operations to insure that all attendees, staff, or customers remain safe and secure. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited offers specialized security officers services upon request from customers. We can provide the services in-person or online.

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited deterrence is the first line of defense in solving theft and vandalism for events and projects. Our Mobile experts Units are highly visible and can reduce theft and vandalism just by their conspicuous and commanding presence on events. With flashing strobe lights and audible voice down features from our expert body camera, would-be vandals and thieves are deterred by our experts security before even entering the perimeter of the events.

We offer a range of Experts services including

  • VIP Bodyguards
  • Religious Events
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Mall Security Guards
  • Armed & Unarmed Security
  • Residential Security
  • Office & Construction Site Security
  • Factory Plant Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Executive Protection & Corporate Security
  • Water Usage Monitoring Security Guards

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