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Providing best-in-class security solutions for the nation's leading market segments

Even though the rate of these crimes actually diminished considerably over the preceding 10 years, businesses and private citizens have increasingly turned to Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, including alarm system services, for detection of and protection from crime. Insurance companies have encouraged the growth of the private security industry, mostly by charging lower premiums to homeowners and businesses using security services, and to a small extent by hiring private detectives to investigate insurance fraud.

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited has the industry-specific experience required to “speak your language”. Our veteran security experts have established a broad and diverse customer base in all major vertical markets as well as many smaller and more specific business segments important to you.

Look to Mikthan Security Technologies Limited when your Healthcare, Education, Property Management, Government, Manufacturing, Financial, Technology, Transportation, Energy, Hospitality, Retail, Casinos and Gaming, Industrial/Commercial, or Cargo related businesses have Security requirements.

To solve issues, companies must both combine secure parts to form a secure system, and get maximum efficiency while maintaining business continuity.

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