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Database Encryption

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited data encryption security solutions, you can gain the capabilities you need to encrypt and secure sensitive data in databases, while avoiding the challenges traditionally associated with database encryption. Our database encryption solutions can help protect your growing database environment from both internal and external threats on premises or in the cloud, whatever databases you run.


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Database Security

With new attacks being publicized daily, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited eschew data encryption as an integral part of our security strategy risk losing almost everything. This is the straight trade-off of encryption and reveals the limits of easy answers for data protection for databases. Databases are being encrypted more and more often these days, and there have been some recent cases in which a lack of encryption has caused a major data breach.

�To understand Database Encryption, it’s necessary to have an understanding of basic encryption principles.�

Database Reliability and Performance

Enterprises have often suffered from performance issues when implementing poorly designed or inefficient database encryption tools, impacting end users and applications that rely on real-time access to data.

Insufficient Security Controls

Database encryption tools built with inadequate database encryption security expose the organization to fraud and data breaches. For example, when key management is handled within the database, the DBA has control of both the data and key. Database encryption solutions also often disregard insider abuse and advanced persistent threats, allowing an attacker the time needed to find and expose vulnerabilities.

Complex and Time Consuming Key Management

As the database environment expands, so do the key management challenges. Using multiple key management tools is complex and creates more opportunities for errors and fraud. While database vendors offer key management functionality, this only works when the enterprise uses that vendor's specific databases.

Business Application Layer Data Encryption

Business applications are often large systems that integrate applications. Even when a DBMS is deployed for internal data management, it is included as a separate system for managing storage. Therefore, it is impossible for developers of business applications to call or use a DBMS directly. The storage management subsystem should be modified, or a secondary subsystem should be added, in order to encrypt the Business Application layer.
As business applications are implemented based on independent design and implementation principles, adding and modifying new subsystems is costly and labor intensive, along with their pros and cons, are the same for this layer as in the DBMS Procedure and Web Application layers.
Mikthan Security Technologies Limited separate key management from database administration simplify the separation of roles between security, IT operations and DBAs. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited can also churn out reports based on varying criteria for DBAs, IT managers, security officers, and C-level executives, among others.

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