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Mikthan Security Technologies Limited offers a more cost-effective approach to security by providing mobile patrol officers. Our guards have technology to deliver date & time stamped patrols to ensure that your mobile patrols are providing value and ensuring that the patrols are being performed as requested. The frequency and time are customized to your facility's needs. If your property needs manned patrol vehicles, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited will work on-site to customize inspection procedures and patrol schedules for optimal protection. All inspections are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating in marked Mikthan Security Technologies Limited patrol vehicles.


If an alarm goes off, response time is critical. Our security guards are expertly trained in emergency response procedures, and will take appropriate action 24/7. In the event that an alarm is triggered at your facility, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited guards will be dispatched to investigate the situation, take any necessary action–including notifying law enforcement, emergency services, and/or property maintenance staff–and report back to you as quickly as possible. As a Mikthan Security Technologies Limited client, you can rest easy knowing that your property is secure, and should an incident occur, professionally trained security officers will be on the scene to take charge of any situation.


Take a proactive approach to deterring, theft, vandalism, and other crime with Mikthan Security Technologies Limited's Mobile Patrol Inspections. The mere presence of our professional, uniformed security guards in highly visible, clearly marked Mikthan Security Technologies Limited vehicles patrolling your properties and campuses goes a long way toward thwarting illegal activity. Our random, yet regimented patrol patterns and schedules mitigate crimes of opportunity. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited's Mobile Patrol Inspections are a great cost-effective solution for our commercial clients who may not need a permanent uniformed guard on duty at their location.


At Mikthan Security Technologies Limited, we provide numerous services, tailored to fit our clients' unique needs. As part of our Mobile Guarding service, for instance, we not only patrol your properties and respond to any alarms that may sound, we also offer employee safety escorts. Providing a safe work environment is of paramount importance for every company. Employees should never feel afraid to walk to their cars, day or night, and with Mikthan Security Technologies Limited's Employee Safety Escorts, they don't have to. Your employees simply call and request to be picked up, and they will be safely escorted from your building to their car, whether they park in a large lot or dark parking garage.


Mikthan Security Technologies Limited inspections refer to random interior and/or exterior patrols of your property or work site. Features include:

  • Expertly trained, uniformed security guards
  • Highly visible, clearly marked mobile patrol vehicles
  • GPS navigation system, droid phone, and emergency response procedures
  • Computerized verification of services delivered via ClarionTrak™ web portal
  • Instant text and/or email to clients regarding issues of concern during patrol
  • Random patrol patterns for maximum security

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