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Mikthan Security Technologies Limited private investigator provides cost efficient, aggressive, results oriented investigation services. We are uniquely qualified to provide the range of services required of an investigative firm in today’s environment. Our staff of professional investigators know their works inside and out. Our years of experience and our connections are an integral part of our success.
Our staff is composed of highly qualified investigators and educated individuals, who have excellent people and organizational skills. We find that many cases require not only a thorough investigation, but organizational insight and abilities as well. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited has that in-depth knowledge to provide thorough and reliable investigative services to corporations, financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, and consumers worldwide. We handle direct, hands-on investigation and major case management. We use the latest database and information systems to enhance the investigative process.

We approach each case the same way… what do you need and what is the best strategy to achieve your goals. Our strategy for your case depends on what is important to you… time constraints, priorities, budget. We will find a solution that best suits your situation and needs.

How do I hire a Private Investigator?

  • We prepare professional, captioned reports
  • We bill fairly, honestly and with flexibility
  • All information is handled with complete confidentiality
  • Give us a call or email. We will listen carefully to what you have to say
  • We prepare an Agreement, outlining what we will do and how much it will cost, for us both to sign
  • We conduct an effective, thorough investigation, targeted to your needs and within your budget
  • Together, we will discuss options and we will recommend the most effective strategy to achieve your case goals, based on our deep experience
  • We conduct civil and criminal investigations worldwide, both in person and through proven, professional associates in other jurisdictions


  • Background Checks

    Background checks can help reduce the likelihood of stealing, bad publicity, and potential violence towards employees or other customers.

  • Surveillance

    Capture of digital photos and videos for evidence related to fraud, cheating, child abuse, trespassing, computer usage, and much more.

  • Asset Investigations

    Assets, past judgments, liens, insurance claims, business backgrounds, filings, or other businesses someone is associated with.

  • Missing Persons

    Mikthan Security Technologies Limited is able to help you locate missing persons, whether for legal or personal reasons, and all done with strict confidentiality.

  • Cheating Spouses

    If someone is cheating on you, our goal is to get proof. To keep track of what we find, we can collective photo and video evidence.

  • Witness Location

    Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Investigations can help attorneys locate important witnesses for needed trials.

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