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Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited helps healthcare organizations reduce risk associated with regulatory compliance, fraud, and legal matters. Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the worls. Any organization that transmits patient information electronically is governed by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. Healthcare and life sciences companies continue to innovate ways to increase the length and quality of life for people around the world. These innovations come with a cost, and regardless of if a system is private or publicly funded, there are significant opportunities to increase efficiency and better tie investments to outcomes. In the United States, the focus is on the Triple Aim of Healthcare - revolutionizing the quality of patient care, population health outcomes, and stemming the rising tide of medical costs.

To do this, payers and providers want better information, which is driving interoperability initiatives and potentially increased transparency, but also the need for enhanced security. Innovations in the specialization of pharmaceuticals promise more customized treatments, but the high costs bring questions from patients, insurers and regulators. Meanwhile, accountable care organizations continue to expand bundled payment approaches that could mean better patient outcomes and greater profitability for providers. All of these changes will disrupt organizations operating business as usual. However, there are enormous opportunities for leaders that are able to see more deeply into the changing landscape and beyond short-term challenges to position themselves for long-term success.

Regulatory, Compliance, & Solutions

  • Find and eliminate compliance gaps in your organization’s control documentation.
  • Enables corporations to accurately identify, assess, monitor, and remediate business risks.
  • Analyze, test, and execute regulatory changes to ensure full compliance and transparency.
  • Captures risk data, including risk details, documentation, questionnaire information, impact, rating, and emerging issues.
  • Build action and mitigation plans with time bound activities, each assigned to individuals within the company.
  • Investigation and Case Management is an end-to-end solution for manging audits and investigations, tracking case status, and responding to investigatory requests from government authorities.
  • Create custom workflows to support effective controls for new, updated, or decommissioned policies and procedures.
  • Advanced analytics helps reduce fraud, corruption, and abuse.
  • Enables hospitals, physician practices, and healthcare systems to implement a top-class regulatory change management program.

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