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IT Security & Compliance Management

In today’s data-driven world, information security is paramount for companies of all industries. Without proper security, data breaches can occur, resulting in costly financial and sales data losses, as well as leaks in private client information. Such information breaches can drain bank accounts, sink businesses and ruin lives. In response, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited and regulatory agencies have put in place several security regulations to help companies improve their information security.

With cyber attacks becoming much more advanced, the PCI DSS standard has been forced to adapt to address these new threats. But PCI compliance is something that any organization can successfully achieve with Mikthan Security Technologies Limited. A report found out that 80 percent increase in the number of companies that are validated as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, four out of five companies are still failing which means progress is slow for their security compliance.

Regularly Test Security Systems and Processes

PCI compliance should not be seen as a point-in-time assessment to achieve annual certification. Rather, it should be managed on a continuous basis and embedded into a company’s day-to-day business operations. An annual certification doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be in technical compliance weeks or months after certification. New vulnerabilities appear daily due to flaws in software, faulty configuration of security tools and applications and even human error. As such, you must continuously assess, remediate and report your organization’s compliance with PCI requirements. Oftentimes, lots of organizations forget that data may be stored in data warehouses, servers, backup systems, desktops or other systems, so it’s important to continuously analyze your businesses security’ card processing applications to find out exactly where data resides and safe at all times. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited regularly test and maintains all IT security systems for your homes and offices.

Why Companies Need Compliance

  • Improve Security

    IT security regulations improve corporate security measures by setting baseline requirements. This baseline keeps business data-security levels relatively consistent within respective industries.

  • Maintain Trust

    Customers trust businesses with their information. Honor that trust with improved security systems that keep their information safe. Common IT Security Compliance Regulations.

  • Minimize Losses

    Improved security, in turn, prevents breaches, which are costly to businesses. Many companies end up losing millions in sales, repair costs and legal fees, all of which can be avoided with the right preventive measures.

  • Increase Control

    Improved security goes hand-in-hand with increased control. Prevent employee mistakes and insider theft with heightened credentialing systems while keeping an eye on outside threats.

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