Your local Garage Door and remote control specialist! Secured electric remote control garage doors

Operator locking and manual override, Secured by Design

Extend the Range of Your Garage Door Control

The simple fact is most basic garage security men are not actually that secure when not fitted in their most basic specification. Never spend another workday wondering if you left the garage door open again, the security of the one piece up and over, sectional or side hinged relies entirely on the electric motor holding the door panel closed with the metal towing arm on the operator boom holding the door down using Modes, integrate your garage door controller into different scenarios, like “Away,” which automatically close your door and use app to control your garage door from virtually anywhere in the world.

Check on Your Garage Door Anytime

Using your smartphone or other mobile devices, you can check whether or not your garage door is closed from almost anywhere, and get alerts any time the door is opened or closed. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited garage door control offers higher levels of protection against forced entry on a sectional garage door than the side latch on a manually operated door.

Hand transmitters and encryption

Early garage door automation system used basic code technology to transmit the signal that activated the door. They were primarily designed to ensure that your neighbour’s door did not open when you opened yours, and had very basic levels of security. It was quite easy for someone with the right equipment to ‘clone’ the code from a hand transmitter as it was being used. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited automation systems use ‘rolling code’ technology to prevent this with more advanced models incorporating digital encryption that provides even higher levels of security.

Get Alerts When You’re Away

You can set your controller to alert you if the garage door is opened while you're out, and even create a reminder to make sure you close it when you leave. And if you have contractors or the cleaning service coming to the house, you can let them in remotely, too.