Greet your visitors from anywhere in the world with the most innovative and affordable, battery-powered video doorbell

Home Security Begins From the Door

Answer your door from anywhere

With its built-in two-way talk, Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Doorbell Camera lets you talk to visitors even when you’re away. That way you can get package deliveries stored someplace safe, not left out in the open. And when a surprise visitor shows up, you can make other arrangements. Always appear like you're home whether you're upstairs or across the globe. See and speak to anyone at your door with live video and two way audio, or be notified of lurkers with instant-on motion-activated alerts right to your smartphone.

Shows you everything outside your door, day or night

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Doorbell Camera brings elegant design, understated form, and high-tech function to your entryway. More useful than a doorbell, more subtle than a security camera, with a 180-degree lens, HD resolution, and infrared night vision to see everything outside your door at all hours.

Smart alerts that give advance notice of surprise visitors

You can’t predict who might show up unannounced, or when. With a discreet camera built into your doorbell, it won’t matter. Smart motion detection notifies you when someone approaches so you’ll know they’re outside before they ever ring. You’ll know even if they knock.

Smart motion detection knows what to record and what to ignore

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Doorbell Camera’s visitor detection distinguishes people from passing cars, dancing shadows, or waving branches. Real visitors activate 30-second, Smart Clips recordings that get saved for 45 days to give you time to catch up on what you’ve missed.