Innovatrics Algorithm Processes 1.04 Billion Fingerprint Matches Per Second, incorporating biometrics & touch sensing

Complete biometric data enrollment systems

Biometric Access Control Systems

Mikthan Security Technologies Limited Biometric Access Control Systems deliver unobtrusive, personalized access control. Our biometrics identification scanners and door locks eliminate the need for access control cards and keypad codes, using sophisticated biometrics technology to enhance the security of your facilities and people. We also offer biometrics access control evaluation. Through the installation of Digitus biometric server racks, fingerprint scanners and other solutions for iris and facial identification, we help you deploy advanced, secure and personalized biometric security solutions.

Fingerprinting Convenient, Accurate, Affordable.

Many staff's, vistor's, job seekers need to submit their fingerprints for screenings or professional license applications. Mikthan Security Technologies Limited offers several convenient ways to capture fingerprints. Our technicians are proficient at Live Scan digital fingerprints and the traditional black ink rollover method. Our Live Scan electronic system is also available as a mobile service to serve clients who cannot come to us directly.

Computer Peripherals

Today's input devices are tasked with highly complex duties: secure PC access, multiple avenues for input, and adapting to user preferences -- all tasks Mikthan Security Technologies Limited has refined to an art form, through biometrics and fingerprinting built into computer mice, capacitive-touch technology, and native compatibility with the latest PC operating systems.